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“Whether in daytime mourning dress or secretly draped in magnificent court attire in midnight candlelight, Ms. Ciulla knows how to project warm, laughing seduction right out to the back of the auditorium.”

The New York Times

“Celeste Ciulla is no less enticing in both her personas as gentleman’s daughter and wench.”

The New York Times

“Celeste Ciulla’s nervously smoking Lady Capulet, compelling here in her strain to handle societal expectations and the competing interests of daughter and husband.”

New York Times 

“There’s plenty of uncomplicated pleasure to be found in this thoroughly agreeable production, above all from Celeste Ciulla, who not only sparkles as Mistress Page but pulls out a fiddle at one point and starts sawing away on ‘Old Joe Clark.’ That’s what I call versatility!”

The Wall Street Journal

“Celeste Ciulla, one of the best things going in the Globe’s Summer Shakespeare Festival over the past few years … One thing “Whisper House” did say loud and clear: Ciulla was a smart choice to take over the role of Lilly. Ciulla… has done some positively volcanic turns in the Shakespeare plays; she dialed that fire down to a gently glowing ember for her Lilly, bringing just the right balance of warmth and wariness.”

The San Diego Union Tribune

” In between gags, Celeste Ciulla delivers a standout portrayal as the bewildered, exhausted yet valiant mother. Just as this mother holds her crumbling family together, so does this actress hold the production together. Ciulla’s understated contribution to the evening’s palatability is heroic.”

St. Louis Riverfront Times

“Ciulla Replacing Winningham in Old Globe’s WHISPER HOUSE”

Broadway World

“The mesmerizing Celeste Ciulla as Volumnia, the mortal combat version of a stage Mom.”

  The San Diego Union Tribune

“A fiercely memorable performance”

The San Diego Union Tribune

“She strides onstage like a black widow…flashing feline eyes and stiletto cheekbones.”

  The San Diego Union Tribune

“Celeste Ciulla…has a marvelously winning appearance, at once innocent and bashful, and then suddenly and perfectly cunning and manipulative. Ms Ciulla’s classic beauty doesn’t hurt either. She is a joy to watch on stage.”

Curtain Up

“Ciulla, with her edgy beauty and musical voice, lends a bit of womanly resonance….”

The North County Times

“Celeste Ciulla returns, with her celestial speaking voice, to make a beautiful, strong-willed, hotblooded Gertrude.”

The San Diego Union Tribune